Bankruptcy is a legally declared inability by an individual, or business, to pay their creditors. The declaration is known as seeking bankruptcy protection (from creditors) or initiating a bankruptcy filing. Unsecured debts -- like credit card balances -- are typically in peril in bankruptcy filings. But recent changes to the U.S. bankruptcy code have seen more consumers forced to file Chapter 13, which requires a debt repayment plan, rather than Chapter 7, which effectively wipes out unsecured debt.

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Portfolio Recovery Completes Aktiv Acquisition; Rebrands as PRA Group

16 July 2014

Circuit Court Holds that Filing a Proof of Claim on Time-Barred Debt Violates FDCPA

14 July 2014

State May Have to Defend its Debt Collection Practices After Settlement

24 June 2014

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29 April 2014

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2 April 2014

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26 February 2014

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4 February 2014

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24 January 2014

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7 January 2014

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2 January 2014

Bankruptcy FDCPA Case Dismissal Upheld on Appeal

11 November 2013

Commercial Law League of America Announces Award Recipients

22 October 2013

Phin Solutions, Inc. Achieves ARM Industry Gold Compliance Standard, TECH LOCK Certified

21 October 2013

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21 August 2013

Lawsuit from Legal Services Firm Challenges CFPB Investigative Authority

24 July 2013

Shermeta, Adams & Von Allmen, P.C. Celebrates 40 Year Anniversary

10 July 2013

Value Healthcare Services CEO Ezra Zucker to Speak at Keystone AAHAM on July 18

21 May 2013

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1 May 2013

Executive Change: Ezra Zucker Named CEO of Value Healthcare Services

12 March 2013

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13 February 2013