Have you been looking for an opportunity to recognize some of the fabulous women on your team? The Women in Consumer Finance Uplift Awards program is your chance! We have extended the deadline for submissions from September 30th to October 5th.

Recognition goes a long way. It shows people they’re appreciated and it lifts their sense of self-worth and confidence.

At WCF, we’re all about lifting other women up…it’s kinda our unofficial mantra. 

The WCF Uplift Awards are your chance to shout out the colleagues, mentors/mentees, business acquaintances, or industry friends that you think deserve some attention for their amazing work. All you have to do is fill out a quick nomination form to let us know why they’re so incredible.

Women in Consumer Finance is honoring selected women in two categories



These are the super connectors, the mega mentors, the most WCF W-C-F-ers of all.  They make moves, but never fail to turn around and bring others up along with them. Maybe they’ve had an impact on your career or maybe you’ve seen them positively affect the careers of countless others. 


Whether they’re early in their career or have been making moves for decades, these are the women with futures so bright they practically blind you. Maybe they’ve improved drastically, consistently over-performed, or exceeded all of your expectations. No matter the case, they’ve made leaps, and you want to let them know you’ve noticed it.

If you lead/work at a lender, creditor, fintech, revenue cycle company, BPO/servicing company, debt collector, creditor's rights or collection law firm, or tech company supporting this ecosystem, these are the awards for you!

Thanks to sponsorship from ARM Compliance Business Solutions, there is no cost for nominations, so recognize-away! Awardees will be selected by the WCF team by October 15th and revealed in our newsletter and on our social media pages shortly after. Recipients will also be recognized at the in-person event in December (but attendance is not required for a woman to be nominated or selected).

Click here to submit your nomination(s) by October 5, 2022.

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