MCLEAN, Va. -- Numeracle™ Inc. (“Numeracle”), the pioneer of Verified Identity™ for communications, today announced the collaborative success of a partner initiative with Avantive Solutions (“Avantive”) to enhance the customer engagement and performance of outbound business calls utilizing Verified Calls by Google.

Numeracle’s Entity Identity Management™ (“EIM”) platform enables service and technology platform providers, business process outsourcing (“BPO”) organizations, and contact centers to manage brand identity on behalf of enterprise clients for the purpose of business communications. This platform is also used to manage approval of branded Rich Call Data (“RCD”) assets associated with customer communications, such as brand name, brand logo, and call reason for the purpose of extending these assets to branded calling services, such as Verified Calls by Google.

“Millions of consumers are called by businesses every day, but most of us don't have the confidence to answer unless we recognize the caller,” said John Shirley, Partnerships Development - Business Communications, Google. “Verified Calls by Google aims to solve the problem of missed business calls and lack of consumer trust by showing the caller’s name, brand logo, and reason for calling, plus a verification symbol, confirming the identity of the caller in real-time.”

To utilize RCD technology to improve live connect rate and call back metrics associated with a well-known business-to-consumer brand, Avantive Solutions completed integration with Verified Calls through Numeracle’s EIM platform and monitored key performance indicators (“KPIs”) for a period of 120 days across called parties using Google Pixel and eligible Android devices.

“We’re extremely impressed by the results we’ve seen within the initial launch period,” said Frank Pettinato, CEO, Avantive Solutions. “Across reachable devices, we recorded a 26% increase in conversation rate, increased call backs, increased sales efficiencies, and an overall decrease in cost per sale by 15%. The presentation of the brand name and logo also improved customer experience and loyalty metrics, demonstrating the addition of branding set the call up for greater success.”

“We recognize consumer choice defines the preferred applications and devices used by consumers to communicate,” said Anis Jaffer, Chief Product Officer, Numeracle. “By integrating Verified Calls into our EIM platform, we are eager to continue the momentum led by Avantive Solutions to deliver this leading-edge technology to more brands as well as extend additional Google products, such as Verified SMS and RCS Business Messaging, via one unified platform.”

For more information on Verified Calls visit: To learn how to leverage Verified Calls to enhance your customer campaigns, contact Numeracle at or Avantive Solutions at

About Avantive Solutions

Avantive Solutions, founded in 1988, is a Purpose-Driven global technology and business services company specializing in innovative customer engagement, strategic sales and robust digital marketing solutions. The Company’s Omni-Touch™ platform provides actionable insights through a proprietary stack of cloud-based analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. Avantive Solutions partners with world-respected brands including Fortune 100 companies in the fast-growing tech and communications, financial services and healthcare industries. To learn more about how Avantive Solutions is bringing purpose to customer experience, go to

About Numeracle

Numeracle’s Entity Identity Management™ (EIM) and Verified Identity™ platform empower the delivery of legal, wanted communications. By working with technology providers, carriers, device manufacturers, analytics companies, and others, we provide visibility, control, and management across the major stakeholders influencing communications delivery to give businesses control over their brand’s identity. Core competencies include prevention and management of improper blocking and labeling, KYC-based entity verification and credentialing for STIR/SHAKEN, and branded communications through rich call data (RCD). To learn more, visit

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