MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -- DCM Services, LLC (DCMS) the industry leader in estate and specialty account recovery solutions, has launched a new Quick Pay feature within DCMS ServiceLink™, and is also pleased to announce the official launch of chat functionality within DCMS ServiceLink! Clients who are eligible will have the option to allow online chat between their consumers and DCMS account representatives.

The DCMS ServiceLink application allows Personal Representatives (PRs), attorneys, and survivors the flexibility and convenience to communicate with DCMS in multiple ways based on preference.

Quick Pay functionality

The Quick Pay feature allows a PR to access the site and submit a payment without going through an account registration process. The Quick Pay function does not share personally identifiable information, but requires the individual representing the estate to input certain critical information in order to submit payment. Since its release, 33% of users who have accessed DCMS ServiceLink have utilized the Quick Pay feature.

Online chat with DCMS ServiceLink

In addition to Quick Pay, DCMS ServiceLink also offers online chat functionality. Once logged in, Personal Representatives are able to chat with DCMS Account Representatives in a convenient and secure manner, allowing the estate representative to fully resolve accounts without a traditional phone call. Account Representatives can help the PR navigate the ServiceLink platform, submit a payment, or assist with any of the functionality ServiceLink has to offer. Free-form chat is also available when questions occur outside of normal estate processes.

Project lead and Director of the Project Management Office (PMO) at DCMS, Annmarie Vogelgesang was excited to bring these features to DCMS’ partners, “Enhancing our customer experience is consistently at the heart of our development process. With Quick Pay and chat functionalities, we’re putting the choice to resolve an account in the hands of the consumer, a much-needed shift from the typical call or letter strategy for the collection industry. The consumer doesn’t have the option to choose the agency they work with and providing them options to resolve an account is one way we provide additional convenience.”

The DCMS PMO team is continuously designing future product and service enhancements concentrated on the needs of the consumer, DCMS’ clients, and the organization. The ultimate goal of each new development is to produce effective processes while enhancing customer experience.

Want to know how DCMS ServiceLink enhances the estate representative experience? Download the DCMS ServiceLink overview here.


About DCM Services
Minneapolis-based DCM Services is the industry leader in estate and specialty account resolution services, maximizing the value of client portfolios across financial services, healthcare, auto, retail, telecom, credit union, government and utilities industries through innovation and performance. Its recovery solutions offer a full range of services from proprietary web-based solutions to full outsourcing, maintaining an unmatched spectrum of innovative solutions that increase recoveries, protect brand value, and enhance survivor relationships – with respect and sensitivity. For more information on all DCM Services’ offerings, please visit www.dcmservices.com.

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