ROCKVILLE, Md. -- The iA Innovation Council (IC or Council) announced today that it has appointed a Steering Committee to guide its priorities and activities during 2021. Launched in 2017, the IC is a membership group for organizations that understand their future depends on thinking differently and being at the forefront of communications, analytics, payments, and compliance technology.

The Innovation council is a carefully crafted forum where senior operations, technology and other leaders can build trust and collaborate to solve current challenges, and to learn about trends that are likely to impact their organizations in the future. It’s a strictly non-sales environment where we focus on “what if? vs. why not?”

We take a collaborative approach to identifying points of friction and solving challenges across the lifecycle of interaction with customers. Members work together throughout the year to build relationships, benchmark progress, and even establish business partnerships. 

We address the latest innovations that can affect growth and profitability, such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Consumer Experience
  • Data Transformation
  • Frictionless Payments
  • Identity Management
  • System Interoperability

The Steering Committee meets periodically to ensure the Innovation Council addresses the most impactful topics in a way that leads to deeper relationships, solutions and progress.

We are proud to announce that the 2021 Steering Committee includes:

  • Josh Allen, CEO, Tratta
  • Jason Collins, COO, Spring Oaks Capital
  • Scott Ferris, CEO, Attunely
  • David Friedlander, President, Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group, LLC
  • Peter Ghiselli, Consultant
  • Carl Harkleroad, CEO, Imagined.Cloud
  • John Kelan, Sr. Director of Operational Strategies, Hunter Warfield
  • Kristyn Leffler, Director Digital Strategies, Resurgent
  • Michael Meyer, Chief Risk and Innovation Officer, MRS BPO
  • Amy Perkins, President, The iA Institute
  • Dan Womack, Sr. Director, Software Engineering, Ontario Systems

Stephanie Eidelman, CEO of The iA Institute and Chair of the Innovation Council, added “I couldn’t be happier to welcome this group of thoughtful professionals to help shape the Council for 2021. In spite of the competitive environment we live in, this group shares the belief that addressing big challenges can only be accomplished through collaboration. I look forward to diving into 2021!”


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