Today, we embark on Day 2 (of 3) of the iA Strategy & Tech conference. During this virtual event, we polled attendees to see how their companies are solving operational issues, especially now that the impact of COVID-19 will likely linger for a bit. The data is anonymous, but it paints a great picture of where your industry peers stand when it comes to ops, strategy, technology, and adjusting to this “new normal.” Check out the poll results as they stand now.

Editor’s Note: The polls are still active and will remain open throughout the conference. It’s not too late to join the conversation.

iAST Poll Q 1

iAST Poll Q 2iAST Poll Q 3

iAST Poll Q 4

iAST Poll Q 5

iAST Poll Q 6

iAST Poll Q 7

iAST Poll Q 8

iAST Poll Q 9

Where does your organization stand with these questions? Do you feel in-line with your peers or behind them? Want to join in on the conversation and speak directly to your peers about how they’re handling these issues? 

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