One of the perks of an iA Case Law Tracker (CLT) subscription is the Week in Review newsletter, which includes a blurb outlining any trends in court decisions as well as a report of all cases added to the CLT that week. This week's newsletter included a mid-year litigation review of the most active jurisdictions for industry-related cases. As a preview for those considering the CLT, below is the mid-year review.

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Since we're just about half-way through the year, I thought it'd be a good idea to do a mid-year review of what's been happening in litigation. To-date, we've added a whopping 349 decisions to the CLT, and this doesn't include FDCPA, FCRA, and TCPA cases we've triaged out due to their lack of substance in order to save you from slogging through irrelevant decisions in your research. (The number would be closer to 500 if we included those!)

Here are some quick stats about those 349 decisions:

States with the most court decisions: New York (44), Florida (33), California (23), and Illinois (23).

Breakdown of positive decisions in these jurisdictions: Decisions from New York were 57% positive; from Florida 48% positive; from California 56% positive; from Illinois 48% positive.

Judges with the most decisions under their belts: Judge Azrack wins the gold, and there is a six-way tie for second place.

  • Azrack from E.D.N.Y. had 6 court decisions (4 positive, 2 negative);

  • Cogan from E.D.N.Y. had 4 decisions (3 positive, 1 mixed);

  • Ross from E.D.N.Y. had 4 decisions (3 mixed, 1 negative)

  • Peterson from W.D. Wisc. had 4 decisions (3 positive, 1 mixed)

  • Boulware from D. Nev. had 4 decisions (1 positive, 3 negative)

  • Rowland from N.D. Ill. had 4 decisions (1 positive, 1 mixed, 2 negative)

  • Feuerstein from E.D.N.Y. had 4 decisions (3 positive, 1 mixed)

Circuit Court breakdown:

  • 9th Cir. had 11 decisions (4 positive, 1 mixed, 1 neutral, 5 negative)

  • 7th Cir. had 10 decisions (5 positive, 2 mixed, 3 negative)

  • 6th Cir. had 8 decisions (5 positive, 1 mixed, 2 negative)

  • 5th Cir. had 7 decisions (5 positive, 2 negative)

  • 11th Cir. had 8 decisions (4 positive, 4 mixed)

  • 2d. Cir. had 3 decisions (2 positive, 1 negative)

  • 3d Cir. had 3 decisions (3 positive)

  • D.C. Circuit had 1 decision (1 positive)

I had to do a double-take when I realized that the 3d Cir. has issued 100% positive decisions for the industry. Are we living in the Twilight Zone or something?


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