Simon Scalzo

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- Remitter USA Inc today announced its partnership with M&G Solutions. Remitter is a market leading white-labelled SMS and email communications platform, powered by AI and used by providers in the financial services industry to improve collection and recoveries performance.   

The Partnership between M&G Solutions and Remitter will further add to Remitter’s expertise in the accounts receivables space within the Unites States. Under the agreement M&G Solutions will help champion the Remitter brand and assist Financial Service Institutions with the implementation of Remitter’s product into existing strategies.  The M&G Solutions - Remitter partnership brings together M&G’s expertise in the collections and operations space with the leading non voice solution to help clients implement a best in class non voice collections experience for the consumer.  

“Remitter’s solution immediately resonated with our entire team.  As operations executives, we often observe companies with an over dependence on voice only collections strategies. This is particularly true given the challenges we are currently facing in the industry.  Remitter’s product provides a solution in the collections space and leverages a communication channel preferred by most consumers today. We could not be more thrilled to be partnering with Simon and team to help tell the Remitter story and the value it can bring to our client base,” said Brad Bone, M&G Solutions Managing Partner.    

“M&G Solutions expertise in receivable management represents an exciting addition to Remitter's growing team. The M&G Solutions team brings over 100 years of experience in supporting collection strategies for a diverse range of financial services companies.  We’re excited to partner together to further improve recovery performance, while also enriching the customer experience and strengthening brand affinity, for our clients” said Simon Scalzo, Remitter’s Founder. (Pictured above.)


About Remitter USA Inc. 

Remitter is an innovative communication (text and email) platform using artificial intelligence to deliver world-class, adaptive recovery experiences to creditors’ customers in financial services, utilities, telco and healthcare. At the core of Remitter’s success is its proven ability to lift recovery performance using predictive and heuristic behavioral data to provide consumers with personalized experiences.  

About Maxwell & Graves Solutions, LLC 

M&G Solutions is an industry leading consulting firm with expertise delivering world class operational performance and execution in the financial lending space.  M&G Solutions combines years of first-hand experience working for Fortune 500 and other innovative companies within financial service, BPO and Fintech industries to help our clients identify, deliver and sustain the necessary enhancements to drive their business.


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