CEDAR FALLS, Iowa -- SndRight, LLC, a best-in-class text messaging platform has partnered with Renkim Corp., a leading provider of secure print and mail solutions, to provide a means to deliver text messages in full compliance with both the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

“SndRight is the solution we have been seeking to provide to the ARM industry,” commented Rob Augg, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing. “We are extremely pleased to have found a partner in SndRight that has the platform and capabilities necessary to provide a text messaging solution that is both industry-compliant and cost-effective.  SndRight can deliver password-protected documents like initial notices, and all subsequent notices, via text. Our goal with this partnership is to expand the value and reach of consumer communications through alternative electronic channels.”

The SndRight service provides individual text messages to consumers through a platform that is not an Automated Telephone Dialing System as defined by the TCPA.  Each message is transmitted through a unique process that includes human initiated sends. The service, which can deliver images or password-protected documents, can be used for required consumer communications or custom messaging, and can be managed in real time.  Whether the goal is to drive inbound phone traffic or offer consumers a means to pay without speaking to an agent, this tool will allow you to provide your consumers with multiple options.


“SndRight is excited to join forces with Renkim to deliver our innovative text messaging platform to the ARM marketplace,” said Bob Smith, Jr., Principal at SndRight, LLC. “We have been providing a similar platform in other markets for some time and through our relationship with Mike Frost at Malone Frost Martin, PLLC, we were introduced to the ARM industry and were able to tap into his expertise to help tailor the platform for use in this space.  Now, adding the partnership with Renkim, we have a great opportunity to deliver our services with another industry leader.”

“Medical Business Bureau (MBB) is very excited to be the first debt collection company to market with this new technology,” said Eric Mock, President of MBB. “This technology is a game changer as it allows debt collectors to communicate with consumers based on consumer preference and do so in a manner that is both compliant and effective,” added Mock.

“I was introduced to the SndRight platform several months ago and I was immediately impressed,” commented Mike Frost, Partner at Malone Frost Martin, PLLC, and seasoned industry veteran.  “I have been involved with the development of innovative technologies in the ARM industry for nearly two decades, including the patent-pending Manual Clicker Application that was the first human intervention product used in the collections industry and tested in the courts.  The SndRight technology is exciting to me from both a compliance and operational perspective. It provides a communication channel that is desired by consumers with a 12X effectiveness rating over traditional communication modalities and has a 90% read rate within five minutes of receipt.  If you want to compete in this marketplace, you must start thinking about how communication is changing in society and finding ways to mold your communication strategies to increase right party contacts. There is no better modality today than text messaging and SndRight allows agencies to deliver those messages in compliance with the TCPA and FDCPA.”

For further information regarding this service offering, please contact Rob Augg or Bob Smith. 

Renkim:  Rob Augg, VP of Business Development and Marketing raugg@renkim.com

SndRight:  Bob Smith, Jr., Principal bob@sndright.com

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