ARLINGTON, Va. and ROCKVILLE, Md. -- Numeracle and The iA Institute's Consumer Relations Consortium (CRC) announced the release of a Call Labeling Benchmark Report.

In response to the increasing prevalence of improper call blocking and labeling experienced across the Collections industry, Numeracle partnered with the CRC to conduct a Benchmark Study.

This study set out to examine the impact of call blocking and labeling on a cross-section of participating member organizations within the CRC to identify strategies to improve caller ID presentation across this industry. 

The intiative uncovered that nearly half of all sampled phone numbers were at risk for improper call blocking and labeling. Data was inclusive of multiple call blocking and labeling analytics sources, representing both the wireless service provider and 3rd party app ecosystem.

Individual organization risk ratings ranged from 27% to 75% of all numbers improperly listed in ‘high’ to ‘severe’ risk categories. All organizations experienced some form of subsequent incorrect caller
ID labeling.

Click here to download the report.

About Numeracle

Numeracle is working with major carriers, analytics companies, app developers, device manufacturers, and industry leaders to deliver a path to visibility and control into the new calling ecosystem.

Through the company’s technology vision and industry leadership, Numeracle is laying the foundation for returning trust and transparency to customer communications. To learn more about Numeracle’s call blocking and labeling solutions for call originators and call centers, visit

About the Consumer Relations Consortium

Part of the iA Institute (parent of insideARM), the Consumer Relations Consortium (CRC) is a membership group for forward-thinking creditors, technology providers, and larger collection agencies and law firms. The CRC has two primary areas of focus: regulatory policy and technology innovation. Members engage with regulators, consumer groups and other stakeholders to produce common sense legal, process and technology solutions. To learn more about the CRC, visit




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