ROCVILLE, Md. -- The iA Institute (iA) announced today that its newly launched commercial credit & collections division will be hosting a series of strategy workshops in 2019. The proven method taught in these workshops has already saved companies millions in credit losses, without limiting sales growth. The first of these one-day sessions will be held on June 17, 2019, in Nashville, TN.

Participants in the Commercial Credit & Collections Strategy Workshop will learn how to implement a credit policy -- step-by-step -- that can reduce credit losses by 0.25%, 0.5%, or even as much as 1%. A reduction like this can bring hundreds of thousands, if not millions, back to a company's bottom line.

"In my former role as head of credit & collections for a multi-billion dollar transportation company, this type of workshop would have been invaluable to me. Instead, I had to learn the strategy for myself, through trial and error," Katie Keich, VP of Commercial Services for The iA Institute.

In this detailed workshop, participants will learn how to:

  • Assess creditworthiness during the sales process
  • Draft and implement a credit policy that maximizes profitability
  • Identify critical warning signs BEFORE extending credit
  • Design and adopt a communication and invoicing strategy for new clients that eases them into initial payments and removes impediments to payment
  • Implement new strategies to improve your collections practices

After just one day, participants will have all the details and instructions needed to transform their firm’s collections operations and significantly reduce credit losses. Learn more about the workshop here.

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About the iA Institute

The iA Institute (iA) is a media company that produces handcrafted news, education, events and connection for the consumer and commercial credit & collections industry. The iA team believes that the value of your investment in our content should be undeniable, so we thoughtfully design everything we do with a focus on the details that make a difference.

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