NEW YORK, N.Y. -- As a new year begins, we at KM2 Solutions take a look at some of the outstanding achievements of the year passed.  2018 was a year full of milestones which included growth of our client base, growth of our operating facilities, reinvestment in our employees, and giving back to the communities that we operate in.


Our client base grew substantially last year as we added 12 new client programs.  We brought on a number of new client logos and also expanded our work within our existing client base.  Clients know that we have the ability at KM2 Solutions to scale quickly and efficiently with their business needs.  President and CEO, David Kreiss, states that “whether through rapid customer expansion or business acquisitions, when clients expand, we are there to grow alongside them.”

To support the growth of new clients and existing client expansion, we added considerable capacity to our global footprint.  This past year, we expanded into our first South American country, Colombia, in the city of Bogotá.  We are now operating 10 offices in 6 countries throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.  We continue to invest in capacity expansion as 2019 promises even further client growth.

As our client’s grow, we are able to continuously reinvest in our people.  “Our people are the engine that drives this company forward,” says David Kreiss, “Every year we find new ways to recognize their hard work and support their lives in a busy world.”  This year, we opened a day care facility for working parents at our Barbados facility.  Across the board, we furthered health and wellness partnerships and also refocused on our KM2 University – a program designed to develop the skills that agents and managers need to succeed.  Finally, we continued supporting our local communities with back to school programs, low-income support, and disaster relief programs through our corporate social responsibility arm, KM2 Cares!

2018 was a special year at KM2 Solutions.  We are beyond thankful to all of our hard-working employees and client partnerships that have allowed us to build the best nearshore BPO company in the market.



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