iA-PR-09.06.2018 - Coast Professional Donation

GENESCO, N.Y. -- Coast Professional, Inc. (Coast) presented a check for $13,060.00 to the Geneseo Central Education Fund at the company’s Geneseo, NY office on August 23, 2018. Coast’s donation is a result of the company’s dress down for charity program in which employees donate $20 or more for the option to wear jeans and business casual attire for the month. The donations include the employee contributions from Coast’s Geneseo, N.Y. office and the company match of up to $500 per office per month.

The employees of Coast selected the Geneseo Central Education Fund to be the recipient of the charity dress down program for the months of June and July as a result of the impact that this organization has in the local area. The employees vote bimonthly for the charity that will receive the donations raised through the program for the upcoming period.

The proceeds from the donation will benefit the Geneseo Central School District and their Geneseo Central Education Fund. The donation will help provide access to extra-curricular school trips, tours, and events; will create an Emergency Fund for families for school supplies and equipment; and will create grants for teachers to receive additional professional development, and enhance and enrich educational opportunities for students and staff.

“As a company that is dedicated to the education sector, we understand the importance that education has on the lives of children and adults,” stated Brian Davis, CEO and Co-Chairman of the Board. “We strive to create meaningful change throughout our region and have created this dress down program to positively impact the lives of people in our community. This donation is a result of our employee’s commitment to help students and families overcome financial obstacles while ensuring the availability of lasting and impactful education. Coast is honored to support the Geneseo Central School District and their outstanding effort to change the lives of our local youth.”


About Geneseo Central School District and Geneseo Central Education Fund

The Geneseo School District presently enrolls approximately 900 students in grades K-12.  The District encompasses 70 square miles. The school is housed in a well-maintained, modern campus consisting of three adjoining buildings and ample athletic facilities.  The Elementary School includes grades K-5. The Middle School/High School houses grades 6-12. The buildings and grounds contain a beautiful 600-seat auditorium, a fitness center, two gymnasiums, playing fields, a lighted stadium for football and soccer, an all-weather track, and a competition indoor pool. The Geneseo Central School District has been a leader among the Genesee Valley schools in the area of instructional technology.  Each classroom has a digital projector and most have an interactive whiteboard. There are four general use computer labs in the school along with a state-of-art computer-drafting classroom. The media centers also contain enough computers to accommodate an entire class for student research projects.

About Coast Professional, Inc.:

Coast Professional, Inc. is an accounts receivable management company, dedicated to the respectful and ethical collection of higher education and government debt. Coast provides professional collection services to over 200 campus based colleges, universities, and government clients. Coast is a five time honoree on the Inc. 5000 list for American’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies provided by Inc. Magazine and in 2016, was recognized for the third consecutive year as one of the “Best Places to Work In Collections” by insideARM.com and Best Companies Group. Since 1976, Coast has worked closely with clients to increase recoveries by assisting consumers in resolving their financial obligations. Coast’s success is exemplified by exceptional recoveries, superior service, and dedication to the highest levels of compliance. More information about Coast can be found at www.coastprofessional.com.