We here at the Ramble are honored to have had Stephanie join the Baron on the FIREline last week. Womble Bond Dickinson is also delighted to announce a content partnership with insideARM – the WBD TCPA litigation team has been selected to provide TCPA-related content for insideARM and to power its crucial TCPA Resource page.

What a perfect match!

Stephanie Eidelman is CEO of the iA institute, a media company that specializes in providing context, insight, and practical information to the complex debt industry. A visionary and constant innovator, she has grown the company from its beginning as publisher of a daily newsletter (insideARM) to one that influences the industry at the highest levels.

Stephanie is a true pioneer and believes that high quality communication leads to good things: deeper relationships, better mutual understanding, innovation, and sales… to name a few. This is why everything she does at the iA Institute is designed specifically to foster deep and candid interaction. No one had ever attempted what Stephanie put together– a collection industry-focused media company seeking to drive innovation and understanding. 

Listen to the podcast to learn:

(Ep.7: Queenie, Primary Jurisdiction, and Implementing Regulations. The interview starts at approx. minute 17.)

How did Stephanie go from being a theater major with dreams of producing movies to operating one of the first media companies devoted to the collection professional industry?

What does ARM even mean?

How did insideARM develop a 60,000 visitor monthly following?

Why is the insideARM perspective so important to industry participants?

What the hottest topics are facing collection industry professionals and how is the iA Institute facilitating discourse, advocacy and innovation?

How is Stephanie’s media company trying to “bridge the gap” between consumers and collection professionals to increase consumer trust?

How can the FCC balance privacy and practicality under the TCPA in Stephanie’s view?

Hear Stephanie’s take on the big announcement regarding Womble Bond Dickinson powering insideARM’s extremely valuable TCPA resource pages.

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