CALABASAS, Calif. -- Cedar Financial is proud to share a recap of its recent 10th Annual Women’s Empowerment Build

At Cedar Financial our foundation of “Putting People First” stretches far beyond our office walls. Our Calabasas team has had the privilege of being involved with a few truly inspiring charities, allowing us the chance to give back to the community and help spread awareness for some incredible foundations. 

Over the weekend of May 12th, 2018 – Cedar Financial joined forces with Homes 4 Families at the Santa Clarita Veteran Enriched Neighborhood for their 10th Annual Women’s Empowerment Build. During this amazing event, our staff was able to contribute to 24 new homes being built for low income families and veterans - all while appreciating and recognizing the power of women coming together. The event focused on empowering women and acknowledging the strength, independence, and drive from females in our local community.


This organization has been instrumental in raising awareness for families living in poverty, fair treatment for veterans, and helping build self-esteem for individuals to look towards a brighter future with confidence and determination. Their current services include The Enriched Neighborhoods program, Promoting Self-Sufficiency, and Serving Military Children.

“Homes 4 Families’ mission is to build resiliency, economic growth, neighborhoods, and homes for veteran families. Homes 4 Families empowers low-income veterans and their families to enter the middle class through affordable, full-equity homeownership and sustainable housing combined with holistic services that build resiliency, self-sufficiency and economic growth.”

Our WE Build Experience

Cedar Financials Operations Manager, Rachel Moaddab shares, “It was a great experience getting to work beside volunteers who already live in or are planning to live in these complexes. Our team focused mainly on building the structures and framing of these new homes. During our lunch break, coordinators gave us more details about the cost analysis on how beneficial and imperative it is to get voluntaries to help with these builds.


While our team helped with the framing, HFH staff explained that without volunteers, the cost of these services can reach up to $75,000-$120,000 for the day. Johana Hernandez, a medical collector with Cedar Financial added, “one of the veterans we got to work beside explained she would be able to purchase her home for $296K now, instead of the market price of $400k, because of all the volunteer work put in.” Head to the Homes 4 Families website to see how you can help today. 


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