JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The relationship between Divinity Software Group (DSG) and Premiere Credit of North America (PCNA) began in 2016 when PCNA partnered with DSG to launch the Propensio Electronic Document Delivery Module (E-docs) and the Agent Module to streamline and automate processes for PCNA.

Rafal Werbanowski, the Director of IT Applications at PCNA, said “DSG has developed and deployed true cutting-edge solutions and technologies for our business. Propensio enables our associates to collaborate with borrowers to deliver documents electronically, assist with any questions and retrieve the completed documents through the application — all while still engaged with the borrower on the initial phone contact.” 

Werbanowski continued, “We have experienced increased performance and consumer satisfaction along with significant cost reductions by using the Propensio Electronic Document Delivery Module. We are now looking to expand further with the addition of the Propensio Client Module and Payment Module.” 

Ryan Mack, a managing member of Divinity Software Group, stated, “We are excited to be partnered with PCNA and continue to stay focused on deploying cutting-edge technologies and solutions to meet their growth well into future.” 

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