JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Financial Business and Consumer Solutions (FBCS) has selected Divinity Software Group’s Propensio Payment Portal. FBCS President Joe Neary Jr. states, “Divinity’s application is the perfect fit for us. We are very impressed with the depth of integration into our core software platform. Divinity is ahead of the curve focused on multi-channel communications and consumer friendly solutions. “

Neary adds “They are eliminating the batch processes and giving real-time responses to our consumers. Providing the consumer with the tools needed to resolve an account as quickly and effortlessly as possible is the primary goal and Divinity Software Group has the answers. “

“It was an easy selection partnering with Divinity given their industry knowledge and solutions offered. “Neary concludes.

Divinity Software Group, LLC provides a host of applications to serve the ARM, Student Loan, Retail and Healthcare sectors.

Divinity Software Group Managing Member Jim Eccleston states, “We are here to provide disruptive, cutting edge technology, focusing on software solutions that help our partners increase revenue, cut costs and utilize the latest technology available.”

Divinity Software Group LLC is a U.S.-based company formed by Jim Eccleston and Ryan Mack.

To learn more about Divinity Software Group and its offerings contact:

Ryder Thompson

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