MUNCIE, Ind. -- Ontario Systems, a leading software provider to the healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM), accounts receivable management (ARM) and government (GOV) markets, has announced a new partnership with Palinode, offering Palinode’s Sonnet product for fast, accurate and compliant processing of numerous e-OSCAR consumer disputes in a way that clearly demonstrates “reasonable investigation” for FACS, Artiva RM, and TCS customers.

“Our partnership with Ontario Systems provides smoother implementations to the clients we share,” said Joe Storey, Palinode’s President. “Our early customers are thrilled with the results, seeing 200% to 300% increases in productivity, often bringing their backlog of disputes current, and freeing staff to focus on other priority initiatives.”

The partnership gives Palinode the ability to leverage Ontario Systems’ full portfolio of software, services and business process expertise, for which Ontario Systems has been recognized as the worldwide leader in the ARM industry. Ontario Systems will continue to provide compliance and strategy guidance to help customers grow their receivables management operations, enabling better service for merchants in the ARM industry, and in turn a more user-friendly, customer-centric model for consumers.

Ontario Systems Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer Rozanne Andersen explains, “It did not take the Ontario Systems Compliance Consulting team long to realize the market need for a technology-driven credit reporting dispute management solution. Credit issuers and agencies were consistently failing our team’s proprietary gap assessment with respect to credit reporting dispute resolution. Poor compliance scores, coupled with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s heavy focus on credit reporting practices and the spike in consumer driven Fair Credit Reporting Act lawsuits made the partnership with Palinode a market necessity. We could not be more pleased with the results.”

“Ontario Systems recognized the pain our customers were experiencing with addressing e-OSCAR disputes and engaged with Palinode to form a partnership to address that need,” says Steve Scibetta, Ontario Systems Senior Director of Business Development. “Palinode is poised to deliver their Sonnet product to help our joint customers improve compliance and efficiency. We are excited to include Palinode among our valued partners.”

About Palinode

Palinode is a software provider serving the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry. The Palinode team has a proven history of creating revolutionary systems to synthesize large amounts of data in ways that exponentially increase speed, accuracy, compliance, and ultimately: profitability. Sonnet, is an effective automated credit dispute resolution system. Sonnet empowers fast and accurate processing of vast numbers of disputes in a way that ensures compliance and clearly demonstrates “reasonable investigation” through comprehensive documentation and reporting that shows disputes are truly resolved. For more information, visit

About Ontario Systems

Ontario Systems, LLC is a leading provider of revenue recovery software and solutions to the revenue cycle management (RCM), accounts receivable management (ARM), and government markets. Established in 1980 and headquartered in Muncie, Ind., Ontario Systems also has a location in Vancouver, Wash., and employees in 27 states. Ontario Systems offers a full portfolio of software, services, and business process expertise, including product brands like Artiva HCx™, Artiva RM™, Contact Savvy® and RevQ. Ontario Systems customers include 5 of the 15 largest hospital networks who actively manage over $40 billion in receivables collectively, as well as 8 of the 10 largest ARM companies and more than a hundred state and municipal governments in the U.S.

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