SACRAMENTO, Calif. – In recognition of the 19th Annual National Consumer Protection
Week (NCPW), held March 5–11, 2017, Receivables Management Association International (RMA) will make special efforts to educate consumers on credit and financial capability. More than 100 federal, state, and local agencies, consumer groups, and organizations participate in NCPW in a joint effort to inform consumers of their rights and provide free access to consumer-related resources. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) are among the federal participants.

During NCPW this year, the association will host a consumer-resources campaign on its social media channels. Each day, RMA will post information about different consumer resources and tools available to promote financial literacy.

“The more consumers know about the credit cycle and financial capability, the more empowered they are to make good choices,” said Board President Mark Naiman. “Certified companies and individuals contribute to a healthy consumer economy, as the purchase and sale of debt helps keep credit accessible and affordable. Our members are committed to consumer protection and education,” continued Naiman. “Member companies often work with consumers to set up payment plans to ease financial burdens. All Certified company websites link to the association’s ‘Consumer Resources’ page and conspicuously display contact information for the company’s compliance officer.”

The receivables management industry supports consumer protections year-round by working with various government agencies. The industry is supervised or monitored by agencies such as the CFPB, FTC, and Federal Communications Commission, all 50 Attorneys General, and licensure laws in 33 states.

Follow RMA’s consumer-protection campaign during NCPW, March 5–11, 2017, on the association’s social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

About Receivables Management Association International (formerly DBA International)

Receivables Management Association International is the nonprofit trade association that represents more than 550 companies that purchase or support the purchase of performing and nonperforming receivables on the secondary market. The Receivables Management Certification Program and Code of Ethics set the global standard within the receivables industry due to its rigorous uniform industry standards of best practice which focus on the protection of the consumer.

Receivables Management Association International provides its members with extensive networking, educational, and business development opportunities in asset classes that span numerous industries. The association continually sets the standard in the receivables management industry through its highly effective grassroots advocacy, conferences, committees, task forces, publications, webinars, teleconferences, and breaking news alerts. Founded in 1997 as Debt Buyers Association, Receivables Management Association International is headquartered in Sacramento, California.

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