HUNT VALLEY, Md. -- In preparation to service it's new sub-contract with a successful awardee of The Department of Education delinquent student loan contract (ED), Access Receivables announced today that industry veteran Jack Clark has become an investor and member of the Board of Directors of Access Receivables Management. 

Access was recently chosen to be a sub-contractor to a highly distinguished large contractor for the new unrestricted ED contract.  Tom Gillespie, President of Access stated, “Jack Clark has a long knowledge and history of the Education contract and previously led sales efforts for companies like General Revenue Corporation, Van Ru Credit and National Enterprise Systems (NES).  Mr. Clarke is considered  to be one of a handful of BDO’s who have the experience and expertise in developing  significant program solutions for major credit grantors in the education and banking marketplace.  Since 2013 he has been instrumental in developing new contacts for us within our industry as well as within the credit granting community."  

Debbie Gillespie, Access CEO added, “As a small business and certified WBE, we are excited about our new opportunities within the Federal Government space as well as the continued success we are seeing in our core business.  Jack provides a level of experience and expertise that adds tremendous value to our executive team and provides fresh insight into our goal setting and execution.”  

Skip Foster, Executive Vice-President and COO added, “I have worked with Jack Clark for over 30 years and am proud to say he has been associated with this company since 2013.” 

About Access Receivables

Access Receivables is a leader in providing innovative solutions in first-party and third party debt collection solutions to large enterprise companies, institutions and state, county and The Federal Government nationwide.  Established in 1999, Access has grown organically over 17 years to become a name synonymous with compliance.  It’s “Nice People Collect More™ approach and innovative self-service virtual agent  has paved the way for developing new ways of offering a kinder and more compliant approach to debt collection, debtor education and a more positive experience for the debtor. Access Receivables was the first company to announce a complete and total makeover of its operational approach in 2011 (Nice People Collect More™).  It combines its’ patented Virtual Agent Collector with a debtor education website, ( and a more consultative approach.  This approach has resulted in higher recoveries for Access clients and fewer complaints.  Access is an accredited BBB member and maintains an “A” rating.  

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