JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Diversified Consultants Incorporated continued performing one of its core values, giving back to the community.  As a company initiative all of the assistant managers at DCI took it upon themselves to sponsor a "Toys for Tots" event at a local Head Start school. The team chose the Don Brewer Early Learning Center in Jacksonville Florida as their sponsored school.  The Don Brewer Early Learning Center is an innovative child care center located in Jacksonville’s urban core serving children six weeks old to age five.  Currently the center serves 107 children.

Gordon Beck, COO of Diversified Consultants stated, “this was a purely employee-based initiative and one that will always have the support of the ownership and executive level of DCI.  It shows the commitment that DCI continues to instill among its employees in ensuring that service to those less fortunate is beneficial to all.”  Chris Zehnder, DCI president, commented, “This type of unselfish caring thought process is typical for many of the individuals that work for DCI and I am honored to work with these people everyday.”

DCI encourages community involvement whenever an opportunity presents itself.



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