SARASOTA, Fla. -- NARCA – The National Creditors Bar Associationannounced that the Conference of Chief Justices, Civil Justice Improvements Committee is the recipient of NARCA’s 2016 Donald Kramer Award. Accepting the award was the Honorable Judge Gregory E. Mize. The announcement was made at the NARCA 2016 Fall Collection Conference held in Las Vegas. 

The Donald Kramer Award, named in honor of NARCA founder Don Kramer, is presented to someone “whose efforts have made a substantial and lasting impact for the benefit of the credit and legal collection community.” In breaking with tradition, NARCA honored an organization instead of an individual for this year’s award.

“The Conference of Chief Justices recognizes that our legal system promises the just, speedy and inexpensive resolution of civil cases. The CCJ has worked since 2011 to come up with recommendations, which led to the assignment of the Civil Justice Improvement Committee to develop guidelines and best practices for civil litigation based upon evidence derived from state pilot projects and other applicable research,” explained NARCA President, Harvey Moore.

Moore went on to explain that,“(i)n finalizing the recommendations, the CCJ and particularly the Civil Justice Improvements Committee, reached out to NARCA to comment on specific recommendations related to high volume legal collections.” Moore commended the committee for “recognizing the profound challenges facing the civil justice system, examining it holistically, and seeking to restore function and faith in a system that is too important to lose, premised on the belief that the courts can be affordable for all, efficient for all and fair for all.”

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