JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Stellar Recovery, Inc. has adopted new core values that will shape the culture of the company. The 4 C’s, which stands for Compliance, Customer Service, Communication, and Collaboration anchors every aspect of business and embodies the commitments that every employee working for Stellar must embrace. From orientation to floor wide meetings, the newly accepted values have become the mantra of the company. Every employee has the responsibility of shaping the company’s culture by practicing the values each day.

Compliance is the number one value for Stellar. Stellar strives for every customer interaction to meet compliance expectations. We want to create a compliance centric environment, ultimately eliminating many risks that cloud the industry.

Customer Service is key to the continued success of the company. While we drive collections, it is important that every customer interaction is handled in a professional manner. The customer experience is a key component in retaining and attracting new clients.

Communication is important to continued growth internally and externally. Cascading communication allows every employee to be aware of changes, victories, and challenges facing the company. Open communication creates an environment of mutual trust and respect on all organizational levels.

Collaboration allows for employees to feel invested in the company, adding value to how our employees feel about their job and the company. It fosters an environment of learning and teaching, which will help develop future leaders for a growing organization.

About Stellar Recovery

Stellar Recovery, Inc is a collection agency based in Jacksonville, Fl. and is dedicated to excellence in the accounts receivable industry by meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations. Stellar Recovery leverages the use of technology to drive effective and efficient collections, while eliminating risks. Visit our website at www.stellarrecoveryinc.com or contact us at 904-438-2500.

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