CEDAR FALLS, Iowa – LocateSmarter, a data and analytics company, today released its new manual search product, LocateSmarter Online. The cloud-based platform gives accounts receivable companies access to up-to-date consumer information that increases contact rates and reduces risk.

Prior to the release of LocateSmarter Online, the company offered batch skip tracing products, a data management platform and analytics professional services. The new manual search product will provide companies with additional data points, as well as a full suite of skip tracing products and services.

“By expanding our product offerings to include both batch and manual skip tracing solutions, we are better positioned to meet our clients’ individual needs,” said Tyler Benson, LocateSmarter Product Manager. “Whether a company is searching for a single individual or trying to obtain updated data points on thousands of consumers, we can help.”

LocateSmarter Online has been in beta testing for the past few months. During this phase, the company solicited feedback in an effort to enhance their product and customize it for end users. There has been an overwhelmingly positive response regarding the platform’s user interface. Several users noted that the system has a “clean layout” and is “easy-to-use.”

“The user interface and customer experience are what make LocateSmarter Online a superior solution,” Benson commented. “Data needs to be easy to locate, accurate and cost-effective. LocateSmarter Online’s UI ensures the collector’s time is spent where it matters most – recovering payment – not weeding through irrelevant data points.”

Benson also commented about the added benefits of using LocateSmarter for both batch and manual skip tracing.

“As concerns surrounding regulatory compliance and data security rise, the time and expense of vendor management also increases. By providing the industry with a full suite of skip tracing products and services, our clients can centralize their data acquisition efforts and simplify the vendor management process.”  

LocateSmarter Online offers searches such as contact information, court records, assets, businesses and more. For a complete list of available searches or to participate in a 7-day trial, please visit www.locatesmarteronline.com or call 888-254-5501.

About LocateSmarter®
LocateSmarter, LLC, a subsidiary of
CBE Companies, was formed in 2012 with a mission to deliver next generation, cloud-based skip trace solutions for accounts receivable management and collection purposes. The company offers batch skip tracing products, a manual search platform, and analytics professional services.

LocateSmarter has been recognized as an Employer of Choice and received the 2016 Top Collection Product Award. These awards can be attributed to LocateSmarter’s key values:

  • Data Quality - Increasing regulatory compliance and operational efficiency by focusing on accuracy and customization
  • Data Transparency/Analytics - Providing measurable data so businesses can make educated decisions about their skip tracing strategies
  • Agility - Ensuring that businesses are able to quickly adapt and customize their products/processes in order to comply with government regulations and client requirements
  • Efficient Vendor Management - Simplifying vendor management with a full suite of innovative data and compliance solutions, centralized billing, dedicated support and more

For more information on LocateSmarter and its products, please visit www.locatesmarter.com or call 888-254-5501. 

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