JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Data Signals is a new analytics company founded in 2016 and based out of Jacksonville, Florida. Founded by Jacksonville entrepreneur John Schanck, Data Signals is a big data & analytics company that is solving business challenges for our clients by utilizing our client’s offline first party data along with our new data technologies and analytical capabilities. Data Signals has clients in the Finance, Non-Profit and Debt Recovery markets.

Our largest client, Stellar Recovery Inc., churns through millions of data points each day in an attempt to recover delinquent debts on behalf of their clients. Maintaining efficiency and security on such a large scale, while adapting to the fluid regulatory environment, is the challenge that gave rise to Data Signals. Our product team including our lead Data Scientist, Robert Norberg is bringing together the complex, old school world of Collections coupled with the emerging world of advanced analytics and machine learning predictive modeling.

The result has been an unprecedented level of visibility into the inner workings of the business and efficiency at scale with surgical precision. Schanck recalls pouring over spreadsheets in the early days of the business, an early adopter of a data driven strategy for his companies. But today, those spreadsheets have grown into database tables with hundreds of millions of rows and the ways of interacting with consumers have multiplied. “Data Signals has designed technology to integrate basics statistics of each outstanding debt with the history and quality of interactions with the consumer in order to determine when and how best to reach out to each consumer for payment” says Schanck. This is the “360° view” of the customer that executives dream about.

Data Signals, LLC is Headquartered in Jacksonville, FL at 4500 Salisbury Road, Ste. 510 Jacksonville, FL 32216.  Please contact us at 904.383.8880 or visit our website at www.datasignalsllc.com

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