SAN JOSE, Calif. –  Lien Enforcement, Inc. (LEI), a service-disabled veteran-owned small business based in San Jose, California, is pleased to announce it has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with Penn Credit Corporation, of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, enabling the two firms to cooperate with one another on subcontracting opportunities with Federal Private Collection Agencies (PCAs).

The LOI will enable the companies to work together as follows.

  • Upon the start of any subcontract(s), Penn Credit will provide vendor support services to LEI to include any and all services not otherwise provided by a PCA to its subcontractors in the normal course of a typical subcontracting relationship.
  • Penn Credit will provide capital to LEI to assist in the implementation of any subcontract(s) in the form of loans consistent with what is commercially available.

With decades of experience serving government clients dating to 1987, Penn Credit will act as a mentor to LEI not only to provide the assistance outlined above, but also to ensure PCAs who may consider engaging LEI do so with advanced knowledge that its support and capital will work to enable LEI to meet any prequalification or work requirement a PCA may have.

“I have been very pleased to have gotten to know Penn Credit over the last several months and to have the opportunity to work with the folks there,” said Keith Baker, CEO of LEI and a veteran of Operation Restore Hope in the early 1990s, where he was injured while serving aboard the USS Juneau off the coast of Somalia and subsequently received a service-connected disability rating. “Our ability to tap into Penn Credit’s infrastructure as a vendor partner, while accessing the necessary capital at the same time, gives us the wherewithal to meet even the most demanding requirements a PCA may have for a subcontracting partner. This guarantees we will be able to perform at a high level of quality.”

“We are looking forward to imparting our broad knowledge and experience into Keith’s business to help it succeed,” said Donald C. Donagher Jr. Owner & Chief Executive Officer at Penn Credit. “Ultimately, it’s Keith’s business to run, while we can act as a valued-added partner to ensure the success of LEI’s efforts for any PCA.”

LEI is a member of the Fed Cetera Network, an organization comprising dozens of pre-qualified companies PCAs can hire to meet subcontracting goals, including those in all specially-designated socioeconomic groups. “We were pleased to put these two firms together last year to begin these discussions,” said Leah Wilson Conger of the Fed Cetera Network. “We look forward to hearing from others who may want to help our members in the same manner so that those with written commitments from PCAs can have the best chance to succeed for ED in the future while participating in subcontracting opportunities.”

Penn Credit and LEI will remain distinct entities as a result of the transaction. There are no family connections between the two, and both have been in business for years in their own right.  Mr. Baker has a long management resume within the industry, a prerequisite for any small business owner asserting a status such as SDVOSB.  LEI has significant client relationships, primarily in California.  Mr. Baker retains unconditional control of LEI as a result of this transaction.

About Lien Enforcement

Based in a Federal HUBZone in San Jose and an SDVOSB, the staff at Lien Enforcement is continuously trained with modern collection techniques to ensure we offer the highest standard of courtesy and professionalism possible, while maintaining consistent and reliable service. We provide a conscientious and ethical approach to collecting our clients’ accounts and strictly follow the statutes and regulations of the FDCPA, FCRA, and all other laws. We have a calculated approach to managing the receivables process.  Our management team has over 20 years of debt collection experience, with a proven track record of delivering measurable results.

About Penn Credit

Penn Credit is a leading accounts receivable management firm with extensive government experience and an expanding higher education client base throughout the United States.  Since 1987, Penn Credit has developed the staff, technology, safeguard procedures, and requisite knowledge to perform securely and ethically as a collection vendor. Penn Credit’s qualifications include membership and active participation with ACA International, national licensing, SSAE16 SOC 1 and SOC 2 auditing as well as maintaining PCI-DSS Compliance.  Penn Credit diligently pursues accounts placed for collection with the highest efficiency through its facilities in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Arizona.

About Fed Cetera

Fed Cetera helps companies in the collection industry pursue opportunities with the Federal government.  Federal PCAs have strong incentives to give a portion of their core collections work to qualified small businesses.  Companies working with Fed Cetera to pursue subcontracting opportunities recently surpassed $50,000,000 in total billings for their work provided as subcontractors to ED PCAs.

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