DULUTH, GA — BFrame today announced enhanced software features to support new student loan rehabilitation program requirements dictated by the Federal Government and improve customer efficiency. The new fully-featured, all-inclusive rehab tracking, funding and built in tools help customers both manage and streamline their student loan recovery processes.

New federal calculators built right into the system enable agents to work with borrowers quickly and easily to obtain accurate monthly payments for rehabilitation. Fully audited and includes all of the most current requirements for FISC and Fifteen Percent calculations. The module also tracks all aspect of the rehabilitation process including documents, ROL paperwork, letters and reviews.

Additional enhancements to reporting have been implemented into the system for late payments, missed payments, gap reports and funding reports. The numerous enhancements in addition to a fully FISMA and FED Ramp compliant infrastructure give agencies a turn-key solution for meeting all technical and physical requirements set forth by the US Department of Education and other Student Loan Guarantors.

“We continuously upgrade our software to support the changing needs of our customers, including any features required to ensure compliance with application regulations,” said BFrame CEO Eric Bentz. “One of the key benefits of our cloud-based software approach is our ability to easily upgrade the software so that our clients get the improvements more quickly and with less effort.”

The student loan rehabilitation enhancements are being made part of the base BFrame system. BFrame users will automatically get the upgrades at no additional cost.

About BFrame

Founded in 1990, BFrame is a leading provider of collections and accounts receivable management software for collection agencies, debt buyers and credit grantors. The BFrame Recovery Management System is rock-solid hosted or licensed software that is easy to implement, easy to use and easy to pay for. Its feature-rich browser interface provides a powerful, flexible and user-friendly front-end to an industrial strength debt collection and recovery management system. System modules include collections, recovery, agency management, buy/sell management and SQL query tools.

More than 3,000 collection and recovery agents use the BFrame system in daily collection operations, with approximately 20 million accounts processed each day. For more information, or to request a personalized product demonstration, visit the BFrame web site at www.bframe.com, or email sales@bframe.com.