Raj DatePromontory is happy to announce the acquisition of FS Advisory, the consumer finance consultancy of Fenway Summer LLC. FS Advisory has built an excellent reputation under Raj Date’s distinguished leadership, and we are looking forward to providing our clients with the experience and insight that he and FS Advisory offer.

Raj, who founded Fenway Summer, is now a senior adviser to Promontory. Partnering with someone of Raj’s talent and experience — he was instrumental in standing up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as its interim leader and first-ever deputy director — is a rare opportunity. Also joining Promontory is Chris Haspel, partner and head of capital markets at Fenway Summer, who was previously the CFPB’s senior expert in residential mortgage servicing and securitization.

Promontory’s Consumer Protection Practice has a deep roster of professionals and a wealth of experience working with clients and regulators to respond to regulatory concerns in the consumer area, and adding Raj and Chris — and their rich understanding of consumer finance from both practical and policy standpoints — is a natural fit.

For more information about Promontory’s experience in consumer protection or about our new team from FS Advisory, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to speaking with you more about this exciting development for Promontory and its clients.

Linda Gallagher
Managing Director and Global Head of the Consumer Protection Practice

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