Collection Solutions Software, Inc., developers of IMPACT! HD™ 2.0, the ARM industry’s leading & most robust Debt Collections & Compliance platform, today announced the launch of IXP™.

IXP™ leverages Collection Solutions Software’s powerful and flexible HD™ 2.0 technology and architecture to deliver a robust “Pure Cloud” collections environment at an attractive affordable price point. Clients, subcontractors, partners, providers and end users will still have access to this premiere platform of integrated, end-to-end real time collection solutions, all for the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership.

This latest technology break through from CSS allows the industry’s premiere ARM + Collections & Compliance platform to deliver IXP™, a streamlined version of its IMPACT HD™ 2.0 Enterprise technology model to fit any budget.

CSS, Inc. President Carl Briganti stated, “Compliance and Regulatory changes for the ARM and Collection industries are at an alarming all-time high. Leveraging technology that engenders automation & compliance for agencies & in-house recovery units at an affordable price is imperative and it’s the immediate assistance the industry needs.”

IXP™ enables the Agent to efficiently view, work & update account information including notes, documents, tasks & payment transactions; add & delete tasks, change task start-stop due dates & assign or reassign tasks to users. The agent can view active & completed assigned tasks, as well as outstanding tasks for all accounts. The system includes an intuitive visual workflow tool which elegantly carries out all automated business processes & dunning. IXP™ executes, generates & schedules a portfolio of standard industry reports.

IXP™ users can simply log onto a zero footprint web application and begin working accounts and / or assignments within hours without making any capital investment in software or hardware. For creditors and agencies using older legacy applications they have the option, at no cost, to compare and contrast this modern “Pure Cloud” web-based technology with their existing application.

IXP™ combines an easy-to-use collector or agent interface with sophisticated management tools, & blends them into a seamless agency environment. Build your receivables, recoveries, collections environment effortlessly in record time with IXP™. Simply sign-on and let IXP™ create in four (4) simple steps a feature-rich collections environment that’s powerful, easy to use and simple to manage.

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