With Memorial Day quickly approaching, ARMing Heroes (www.armingheroes.org), the collection industry’s charity for military veterans, invites you to publicly honor the dedicated service of a veteran on its Facebook page now until midnight this Monday, Memorial Day. This open invitation may include mentioning a veteran on the page who is still with us, or sharing a heartfelt memory of a veteran who may have given their life while on active duty or who may have passed on after concluding their military service.

To participate, just go to the ARMing Heroes Facebook page, like the page, and post a name or photo, and any story or memory you would like to share about yourself (if you are a veteran), a loved one, or someone else who has been in your life.

Stelling, Carter 250

This simple act will raise public awareness of this worthy cause and help ARMing Heroes fulfill its ongoing mission of helping vets struggling with the financial hardships associated with returning to civilian life.

Military vets like Carter Stelling define what the ARMing Heroes charity is all about. Sergeant Stelling served two tours of duty in Iraq until service-connected injuries prompted his discharge from service.  He returned home to his wife and children, and, despite his best efforts to work and support his family, those injuries prevented him from doing so. He ultimately lost his job. Unemployed with disabilities making finding new employment more difficult, he chose to take advantage of the GI Bill and enrolled in school, but still struggled to meet the everyday demands of supporting his family. Looking for any help to improve his financial situation, Mr. Stelling applied for a grant from ARMing Heroes. When he heard his grant was approved, this is what he had so say.

“I would like to thank ARMing Heroes and the donors for such a powerful hand up during a time when it was greatly needed. This grant is going to resolve a great burden so I can pursue a degree and hopefully land a job that will help me support my family. Once again, thank you for this opportunity. I was surprised to learn that the debt collection industry had a charity for veterans, and I hope that the many other veterans in similar need can soon receive the same hand up as well.”

ARMing Heroes hopes to increase the number of its Facebook followers and develop a more extensive social media following to draw even more attention to this worthy cause. Publicly sharing stories of a family member, friend, neighbor, or anyone who served is the perfect way to commemorate the holiday and honor America’s military veterans who have given so much of themselves. Some, like Kevin Hardin, gave the ultimate sacrifice. Mr. Hardin was a first recipient of any kind of aid from ARMing Heroes in 2010, and since his untimely passing in 2012, his family has been through so much. Read their story here: http://armingheroes.org/veterans-pages/debt-collectors-help-gold-star-military-mom-keep-family-home.

The 2015 grant application process is set to begin in July. However potential donors, as well as hopeful grant applicants, are already showing interest. For those looking for a simple way to help, ARMing Heroes is registered with Amazon.com as an authorized funds recipient for the shopping giant’s AmazonSmile program. Shoppers can designate ARMing Heroes as their charity of choice, so that every purchase the person makes results in a donation of 0.5% of the purchase price to the charity in support of military veterans.  ARMing Heroes anticipates 2015 will be its biggest year since its inception in 2009.

The charity’s flagship No Debts for Vets Charity Fundraising Drive runs from September 11th through Veterans Day, November 11th every year, however tax-deductible donations are accepted at any time online at www.armingheroes.org and via mail to PO Box 353, Collingswood, NJ 08108, payable to ARMing Heroes. Pledges may be made to info@armingheroes.org.  Any amounts pledged or donated now will be applied to the 2015 drive. 

About ARMing Heroes

ARMing Heroes was founded and began operating in March, 2009.  The organization’s mission is to serve the needs of U.S. military veterans, including their spouse and children. ARMing Heroes fills a charitable niche by linking people identified with employment, credit, and financial counseling needs with the accounts receivable management industry, an industry uniquely poised to help in these areas.  Persons interested in volunteering their time and others interested in applying for benefits or pledging other forms of support are encouraged to contact the organization at www.armingheroes.org. 

What Can I Do Right Now to Help?

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  • Join our group on LinkedIn, the ARMing Heroes Veterans Charity Supporter / Assistance Center.
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  • Print this article and fax it to your local congressional office and ask them to post our website on theirs as a resource for vets.