Whether they are deciding when to schedule a dialer campaign, looking up zip codes for safe dialing times, or reviewing a particular agent’s performance, clients of Global Connect have access to a range of features and functionality that allows them to maximize productivity and remain complaint with Federal and State regulations.  The industry’s leading provider of cloud-based dialing and communication services has spent the past twelve months developing enhancements to the already robust GC1 Communication Platform.

“Global Connect understands that the Accounts Receivable Market is constantly changing and evolving, and our communication systems must change and evolve with it,” said Darrin Bird, Chief Operating Officer of Global Connect.  “In fact, we prefer not to simply react to changes in the industry, but to anticipate those changes and prepare our clients for them.”

Thanks to months of work by Global Connect’s programming and development team, clients using the GC1 Communication Platform now have access to the following features:

Enhancements to the Compliance Module – Since compliance with State and Federal call regulations is a major concern for all agencies, Global Connect has focused on this system feature over the past year.  From zip code lookup with safe dialing times to call count scrubs, cell scrubs based on state or other parameters, and from state time zone restrictions to Do Not Call list by day, by time period or permanent Do Not Call, the system makes it easier than ever to comply with State and Federal rules. Graphical interfaces create a straightforward way to manage compliance settings.

Inbound IVR Utilizing Agent Skill-Based Routing – For incoming calls, the system allows the caller to be routed to the correct agent based upon language preference, account profile or other variables determined by the client.

Agent Call Waiting - Also known as two-line call blending, this feature allows agents to receive additional inbound calls while already on another call. Rather than working all day to make a contact and then missing the contact’s return call while busy on another call, agents can preview incoming calls, identify high priority calls and determine which calls to accept, and which should be passed to other agents.

Broadcast Profiler and Scheduler - With this feature, clients can maximize agent productivity by scheduling all dialer campaigns at one time, with built-in prompts to begin particular campaigns or to work particular accounts. Using triggers such as the completion of other dialer campaigns and/or time of day, the dialer manager can schedule all dialer files at one time for the same or multiple agent groups, ensuring that the appropriate agents work the highest priority accounts at the right time.

Enhancements to Preview “Click to Dial” and Manual Calling – This feature allows management to control which agents have permission to utilize manual or preview dialing, as well as which accounts are selected to be dialed in one of these modes.  Management can also “lock down” an agent, giving them the ability to perform only manual or preview calls.

Additional Real-Time Agent and Campaign Reporting Metrics, including Inbound Call Reporting - This enhancement offers increased visibility utilizing charts and graphs to track specific agent performance, agent performance compared to other agent groups, and overall campaign effectiveness.

“To remain competitive, our clients must have access to the fastest, most reliable, and most cost-effective methods of reaching their contacts,” said Bird.  “Our clients can rely on Global Connect to provide them with the tools they need to call, comply and collect.”


About Global Connect

Global Connect, an industry leader of cloud-based dialing and communication services to the Contact Center Market, is a privately held company with corporate offices in Mays Landing, New Jersey.  Global Connect offers an integrated cloud based dialer and messaging platform with call recording, ACD, PBX, IVR, as well as a compliance module and granular based business analytics.    Global Connect has Data Centers in Pennsylvania, Virginia, California and Canada.  For more information on Global Connect, call 1-888-421-4151 or visit www.gc1.com in the United States or www.gc1.ca in Canada.

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