LiveVox Inc., a leading provider of cloud contact center solutions for enterprise operations, has helped AR Logix better service their clients with some of the most robust cloud-enabled revenue cycle solutions. LiveVox’s cloud platform enables healthcare BPO’s like AR Logix, provide improved recovery rates and better patient experiences with comprehensive compliance controls and more efficient agents.

LiveVox’s cloud architecture removes the handicapping costs of acquiring new technology and integrating multi-sourced workforces and applications. For businesses like AR Logix, cloud allows them to cost-effectively leverage the latest tools and an unrestricted, streamlined workforce on-demand. This in turn frees AR Logix’s veteran operations teams to focus solely on managing their revenue cycle performance and customer service levels for the healthcare clients they represent.

“At AR Logix, our mission is to build a winning culture that allows our employees to develop professionally and personally so we can service our clients to the fullest potential. LiveVox’s cloud platform frees us to fulfill that – especially when it comes to compliance,” says Tony Carabello, CEO, AR Logix. “The uncertain regulatory environment has forced many revenue cycle management professionals to operate based on compliance concerns, not performance. LiveVox’s robust tools and rapid speed-to-market helps ensure that we, and in turn our clients, remain flexible and effective in order to shift the focus back on performance.”


LiveVox, recent winner of the 2015 CUSTOMER product of the year award for its leading compliance suite, provides contact centers with some of the most robust compliance features as part of its overall solution offering. AR Logix is able to leverage these tools to help healthcare providers stay flexible in a changing regulatory environment. The most recent tools include:

  • TCPA risk mitigation dialing suite, Four Clouds
  • 100% dynamically retrievable call recording
  • Phone/account penetration controls
  • DNC and Time Zone controls


LiveVox enables operations like AR Logix to leverage historically high-cost agent optimization features as part of LiveVox’s overall cloud solution. For healthcare service providers, some of the most effective of which include virtualization, unrestricted capacity pacing, and integrated self-service capabilities. Such tools allow AR Logix to unify all their agents into a single platform and match agent availability with inbound call rates to ensure low wait times and more efficient, agents. Combined with skills-based routing, patients are able to more rapidly speak to the best-equipped agent to service their call.

“Healthcare is notorious for its complexity, and that impact is felt more now than it has ever been before with today’s growing compliance pressures and changing consumer base,” said Brian Hamilton, Senior Operations Consultant, LiveVox, Inc. “Cloud provides an essential opportunity for the industry to make those adoptions without committing heavy costs and resources. AR Logix exemplifies that and we look forward to supporting AR Logix in driving not only their own business results, but also those of the hospitals and physicians which they service.”

To learn more about how revenue cycle professionals are leveraging cloud, register for the upcoming HFMA CPE-credited webinar, Improving Revenue Cycle Performance Through Self-Service While Mitigating Staffing Requirements and Compliance Risks.

  • To Register, click here
  • Date: Wednesday, Feb. 18th
  • Time: 3:00 p.m., EST
  • Panelists:
    • Carrie-Ann Mobley, Senior Business Process Consultant, McKesson
    • Brian Hamilton, Senior Consultant for BPO Operations, LiveVox, Inc.
    • Dusty Whitesell, Chief Evangelist, LiveVox, Inc. (Moderator)

About AR Logix

Nationally headquartered in Reading, Pennsylvania, AR Logix, Inc. is a holding company for OutReach, Berks Credit & Collections and Collector University. We have provided services to over 5,500 medical providers, billing companies and hospitals in the service areas of early out/BPO, third party collections and/or educational training. With the AR Logix brand of companies, we are able to share resources, synergize new strategies and build strong relationships with all our medical clients. For more information, visit

About LiveVox, Inc.

LiveVox is a leading provider of cloud contact center solutions for enterprise operations.  Through a patented PCI-certified cloud platform and redundant IP/MPLS mesh, it delivers true multi-tenant highly scalable and burstable contact center solutions such as ACD, predictive dialer, IVR, centralized call recording, business analytics and compliance suite. LiveVox enables fast deployment of contact center solutions from the cloud, while offering customers full control to manage their day-to-day business requirements in a cost efficient way. For more information, visit


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