DebtConnect Online, a debt settlement portal, powered by CareOne technology, will release its new and improved version on September 9th, 2012. This new version will allow creditors and debt buyers to reach settlements faster and easier than ever before.

Creditors will be able to easily upload any accounts on which they are attempting to collect that are being represented by CareOne or Persels & Associates.  They will also be able to easily access settlement offers and reports via a secure internet connection.

Dennis Jordahl, Senior Director of Creditor Relations for CareOne Services, Inc., says, “DebtConnect is unique in that it’s the only product of its kind that provides a fast, simple, and secure way for streamlining the settlement process. Creditors using this tool have seen significant increases in their settlement volume. With new features such as the ability to search our database, creditors can expect to settle accounts faster and more efficiently.”

Creditors have been quick to adopt DebtConnect as a preferred way of doing business as opposed to traditional phone negotiations.  Blair Kennard, Director of DebtConnect Product Development, says, “Creditors and debt buyers love that they can input their own terms into the system, so that they will only be presented with settlement offers that are already agreeable to them.” Kennard goes on to say, “With the new features being offered by DebtConnect, we expect that by year end over half of the settlements conducted for CareOne and Persels & Associates managed accounts, will be processed through DebtConnect as opposed to traditional settlement negotiation methods.”

DebtConnect Online evolved from the debt settlement industry’s growing need for a faster, more efficient means of connecting settlement providers with creditors to help facilitate the settlement of consumer debt. It allows creditors and debt buyers to review debts, approve settlements, and receive payments using a single secure, user-friendly, web-based settlement portal. There is no cost to use the site and it is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Dennis Jordahl will be attending the Debt Connection Symposium in Las Vegas in September, as well as the Credit & Collections Risk Conference in Scottsdale in October.