Capio Partners, LLC and ClearPath Wealth Management are pleased to announce a new funding agreement between their two companies. Through the agreement, ClearPath has become Capio’s exclusive funder for their healthcare portfolio acquisitions.

“ClearPath, along with their investors, have strong ties to the healthcare and hospital community. Due to their experience, they have a deep understanding of the value we bring to healthcare providers, which made for an ideal fit for us”, said Mark Detrick, CFO & Sr. Partner of Capio.

Patrick Churchville, President of ClearPath added, “The opportunity to work with a recognized leader in healthcare financial services is one that we are extremely excited about. Capio’s Complaintless Collections™ culture ties in nicely with our mission and core philosophy”.

Strong synergies existed between the two companies from the earliest dialogue and both are extremely excited over continuing the momentum Capio has built in bringing the bad debt sale model into the healthcare revenue cycle mainstream.

For further information about Capio Partners solutions for large hospital systems in the U.S. healthcare industry contact Mark V. Detrick, CFO, at 404-405-7115.


About Capio Partners, LLC

Capio Partners, LLC is the largest healthcare debt buyer in the USA, providing an additional revenue stream to hospitals, healthcare systems, ambulance companies and physician’s groups. As the pioneers of Complaintless Collections™, Capio coordinates the hospital’s patient-centered culture with its fiscal need for a profitable and predictable cash flow. With their partners’ 40-year track record in the healthcare receivables industry, Capio delivers results while keeping hospitals compliant with CMS Regulations. Capio Partners is headquartered in Duluth, Georgia with operations in Sherman, Texas. For more information, please visit:

About ClearPath Wealth Management

ClearPath Wealth Management is a private investment firm dedicated to serving the financial needs of a select number of wealthy individuals, families and institutions. ClearPath’s mission is to provide clients access to investments, funds and managers that would normally be out of their reach – either due to high minimum investments, limited availability or lack of connectivity. ClearPath is headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island. For more information, please visit:


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