In a new paper from BillingTree, they examine challenges and solutions in reducing healthcare bad debt. You can download the paper here.

The escalating amount of deductibles to be paid by patients off-site is creating a void as to where and when they pay, which in turn is creating less impetus to pay. In addition, consumer perception is altering the ways in which patients prefer to pay their bills, a factor which healthcare organizations increasingly need to face up to.

Downloading the free BillingTree whitepaper, gain insight into:

  • Changes in the Healthcare market that are driving the need to improve billing and payments processes
  • Why healthcare is lagging behind other industries in adoption of new technologies
  • Why the need for more effective billing and payments has never been greater
  • The effect of high deductibles
  • Generation Y and the increase in mobility
  • The new technologies that are making it easier for patients to pay
  • The benefits of EBPP solutions
  • The future of advanced payment technologies

You’ll want to add these Best Practices to your arsenal. Download the paper now.

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