Free Webinar – Thursday, January 16

Register for this complimentary webinar to learn how top-performing healthcare providers employ increased patient satisfaction as a strategic advantage to simultaneously grow revenue.

In this webinar Steve Scibetta of Ontario Systems and Shawn Yates of Experian Healthcare will present a step-by-step approach to improve patient satisfaction that directly results in increased revenue from self-pays, helps patients cope with higher deductible insurance plans, and reverses decreasing patient accounts receivable collections.

Attendees will learn about Four Pathways to Improved Patient Satisfaction:

  • Patient segmentation. Physicians examine patients before making a diagnosis and prescribing therapies; is there any reason the business office shouldn’t follow suit? In this webinar, attendees will learn the business process and technological shortcuts and tools available to “diagnose” a patient’s ability and propensity to pay.
  • Patient touchpoints. The more ways you have to communicate with patients (and more importantly, have them communicate with you) the better. Learn how to expand and improve your communication infrastructure in ways that will not only heighten patient satisfaction but create more and better opportunities for you to collect revenue.
  • Patient convenience. Learn how to convert your business office into a 24/7 service center that fulfills the financial needs of your patients when and how they need it.
  • Patient empathy. Understanding your patient’s financial challenges puts you in a better position to not only help convey to them their financial responsibilities but also enable you to help them meet those obligations and find whatever help is available to them.

Register now for the free webinar, being held Thursday January 16 at 2pm Eastern.

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