Maybe later today, when you have a spare minute or two, you’ll treat yourself by going to the Wikipedia page for Life is Not a Fairy Tale: The Fantasia Barrino Story: Starring Fantasia Barrino. If you do, you’ll read this gorgeous sentence:

“The movie begins with Fantasia’s humble beginnings, growing up in a close knit God-fearing family that faced its own personal demons of struggling with their dreams.”

Its own personal demons of struggling with their dreams. You guys, I can’t even.

Anyway, the reason I even mention Fantasia Barrino is because, as it turns out, the Season 3 winner of the national television music extravaganza “American Idol” (juggernauting its way back to Fox — and further away from any sort of relevance — in January of 2012) is in dutch to U.S. Bank for $25,057.02 plus interest.

News outlets are currently citing “unspecified reasons.” All that’s certain now is that she owes the cash, and U.S. Bank is using its collections arm to recoup the money from the financially beleaguered pop “star.” (Barrino ran into money troubles a couple of years ago when the house she bought nearly went into foreclosure.)

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