Collections Marketing Center, Inc. (CMC), while acknowledging that a request for a stay of the patent infringement suit with Apollo was denied, notes that this was a wholly procedural matter that says nothing about the merits of Apollo’s baseless claims of infringement.

CMC sought the stay because the United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) has accepted a request from CMC for re-examination of the patent in suit, thereby agreeing with CMC that substantial new questions of patentability exist. A second request for reexamination remains pending with the PTO, and in the next few months, CMC expects the PTO to issue one or more actions that invalidate the patent in suit, thereby mooting the lawsuit. In the meantime, CMC will continue to fight Apollo’s baseless claims on the schedule set by the Court.

CMC CEO Vytas Kisielius said, “Apollo has put a misleading spin on a court procedure having nothing to do with the merits of the case. CMC looks forward to being vindicated, whether in court or before the US Patent and Trademark Office.”

Collections Marketing Center, Inc. (CMC) offers a pioneering adaptive collections service that enables lenders to deploy completely synchronized collections offers, contacts, and treatments across credit card, real estate, student, and installment loan products. The company’s FlexCollect® managed services solution is helping a rapidly growing number of top lenders collect more and spend less by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their charged off, delinquent, and pre-delinquent portfolio operations.

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