The Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT(SM)) today announced that, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Koni Ameri Tech Services, Inc. (KATSI), is CCHIT Certified(SM) for its product MedAZ V60721.001, which meets CCHIT ambulatory electronic health record (EHR) criteria for 2006. Ambulatory EHRs are designed for the physician offices and clinics where most Americans get their healthcare.

CCHIT is a Recognized Certification Body in the United States for certifying health information technology and sets the benchmark for EHRs as an independent, non-profit organization.

MedAZ is a CCOW-compliant software that generally performs the following EHR functions: queries the client registry for patient demographic and allergy information; makes demographic updates; and communicates patient-discharge summaries to other EHR & hospital systems.

As a CCHIT Certified product, MedAZ has been tested and passed inspection of 100 percent of a comprehensive set of criteria for:


  • functionality (ability to create and manage electronic records for patients, as well as automating workflow in a physician’s office),
  • interoperability (a first step in the ability to receive and send electronic data to other entities), and
  • security (keeping patients’ information safe).

The CCHIT Certified mark – or EHR "seal of approval" – that MedAZ received is the first consensus-based, consistent benchmark for ambulatory products. The CCHIT Certified seal assures physicians and other providers that they are making a reliable investment and insurers and other payers know the products meet expected industry standards.

"CCHIT’s inspection process is certainly thorough and we believe it affirms quite clearly that MedAZ is a best-in-class product to both our customers and our entire team," said Sonia Sharmeen of KATSI. "And CCHIT’s EHR certification process used real-life medical scenarios to test the real- world functionality of each EHR solution."

KATSI delivers services, solutions and products to enterprises worldwide from its offices in the U.S., Canada, Europe and India. Combined with several patent-pending processes, MedAZ as a software tool is encapsulated with a suite of services to provide coding, billing and denial management as a Revenue Cycle Management offering.

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