The U.S. Department of Education’s (ED) Federal Student Aid division earlier in January announced to its private debt collection contractors the results of its quarterly performance competition for the 2009 contract. The results covered the quarterly periods of fiscal 2012, ended September 30, 2012.

It was the first time in more than a year that debt collection results were made available. wrote about the release last week. But today, we are publishing the full scores and rankings from the most recently reported period, fiscal Q4 2012 (ended Sept. 30, 2012).

The rankings and scores are very important to contractors as they determine the bonuses each company receives for a quarter and for the fiscal year.

Performance results are determined by a weighted average of contractors’ performance in total dollars collected; total accounts serviced, and total administrative resolutions. ED awards 70 points to the top performer in the dollars collected category. Twenty points are awarded to the top performer in the total accounts serviced category, while the top performer in administrative resolutions receives 10 points. The other agencies are scored against the top performers in each category.

Performance Scores for fiscal Fourth Quarter of 2012

Unrestricted (Large) Firms

Fiscal Q4 2012 Score (ended Sept 30, 2012)

$$ Collected (July – Sept 2012)
Pioneer Credit Recovery (Sallie Mae) 97.25 $48,290,070
FMS Investment Corp. 94.63 $41,605,960
ConServe 93.77 $44,024,062
NCO Group 92.34 $40,408,186
Van Ru Credit Corporation 90.85 $42,299,205
GC Services LP 90.20 $40,228,861
Premiere Credit of North America 86.99 $35,413,534
Diversified Collection Services (Performant) 85.38 $37,117,412
ERS 85.03 $37,750,077
Progressive Financial Services 83.43 $30,713,099
Account Control Technology 82.35 $30,450,572
EOS-CCA (Collecto Inc.) 80.75 $30,467,792
Allied Interstate (iQor) 79.89 $31,518,780
Windham Professionals 78.89 $29,055,468
CBE Group 68.84 $24,676,897
Financial Asset Management Systems 63.65 $26,455,895
West Asset Management 60.27 $20,344,094
Small Businesses

Fiscal Q4 2012 Score (ended Sept 30, 2012)

$$ Collected (July – Sept 2012)
Coast Professional 100.00 $21,970,309
Collection Technology, Inc. 78.83 $17,835,486
National Recoveries 73.58 $13,475,688
Immediate Credit Recovery 73.40 $13,477,385
Delta Management Associates 61.08 $11,834,522


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