Hugh Garber

Hugh Garber

As a consumer, there is a fine line between what is and isn’t acceptable in respect to the number of communications attempts a company makes to my various devices. Consumers become annoyed, and rightfully so, when organizations cross the line with an endless number of calls to their house, place of employment, and mobile devices – not to mention communications by other channels, such as text messages and emails. Organizations need to respect the expectations consumers have about the communications they receive while still optimizing agent productivity with technology platforms.

Unfortunately, overloading customers with too many communications attempts is not an uncommon practice these days, especially with the increase in channels of communications like email, text and always-on mobile phones.  However, consumers are reacting.  For example, over one-third of all debt collection complaints filed with the FTC focus on so-called “repeat calls”.  And the recent State of Wisconsin court ruling shows the growing and rightful lack of tolerance for consumer communications neglect.

SoundBite recently announced an enhanced Compliance Suite with New Contact Controls which enables organizations to limit contact attempt frequency by device across and within channels, including: automated voice messaging, predictive dialing, text, and email channels.

In the video below, Jeff Stroum, SoundBite’s Senior Solutions Consultant, demonstrates how he’s helping our clients leverage Contact Controls, aiding in their compliance efforts, tightening costs associated with outreach, and providing a better customer experience.

With an increased focus on protecting the customer experience and ensuring the well-being of consumers, it’s critical that an organization’s contact strategies include the ability to define the maximum number of contact attempts by device for a defined timeframe and across all contact channels.  SoundBite’s Contact Controls capability enables organizations to comply with regulatory and client requirements as well as with their own internal policies by setting a daily (or weekly, monthly, etc.) limit on the number of contact attempts to any individual consumer, with an even smaller maximum on any single device.

Contact your SoundBite representative to learn more about how SoundBite’s Compliance Suite can benefit your campaign.  Or, to get started fill out our Contact Us form and we’ll be in touch shortly.

As Senior Product Marketing Manager at SoundBite, Hugh is responsible for packaging, positioning and launching SoundBite’s products and solutions.  Previously he lead the product marketing, segmentation, and messaging efforts for Ipswitch, managing the company’s secure and managed file transfer solutions.  With two decades of experience crafting messaging, launching products and enabling sales teams, Hugh brings a wide range of knowledge and creativity to the SoundBite marketing team.

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