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“It is because of their strict guidelines that I am truly honored to be named an ‘expert author’ by them,” said Petra Alluis, Founder and CEO of the Judgment Recovery Institute.

Petra Alluis has been passionately active in the Judgment Recovery / Debt Buying business since 1993.  She has been sharing her expertise for years by:   creating one of the largest web-based support groups; and, allowing continuing assistance to hundreds of Judgment Recovery professionals throughout the United States in the development, growth, and education of the Judgment Recovery business.  She is a professional speaker who has written several online articles and continues to embrace the opportunity to educate others.

Lisa Richards, Media Coordinator with the Judgment Recovery Institute says, “We are very proud of Petra and her accomplishments.  We thank Ezinearticles for recognizing and rewarding her as an ‘expert author’.”

Judgment Recovery Institute Teaches Students How to Create a New Business Enforcing Judicial Judgments through a state of the art online, Virtual Campus Environment

The Judgment Recovery Institute provides regular everyday people with the opportunity to learn how to become a successful Judgment Recovery Enforcer in the comfort of their own home by providing access to a 24/7 virtual campus environment, and a live mentor throughout their first year in business. The company was built behind a strong mission statement and is focused on ensuring students have all the resources and support they need to become successful business owners.

For more information about the Judgment Recovery Institute, visit www.jrinstitute.com or call 877-2JR-PROS.

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