Today, March 15, 2013, The National List of Attorneys published the white paper on debt collection law in New Hampshire, written by attorney Jay M. Niederman, founder and Senior Partner of Niederman, Stanzel & Lindsey, located in Manchester, New Hampshire. The firm opened in 1977, is a state-wide practice and is recognized throughout the Region as a leader in commercial and consumer collections, subrogation and related creditors’ rights matters. The firm has been a member of The National List since 1983.

Jay attended Rutgers University School of Law. He is a member of the New Hampshire and New Jersey Bars. He has lectured extensively on collections, commercial law and related subjects for numerous organizations. He is Board Certified as a Creditors Rights Specialist, and he is the only attorney exclusively practicing in New Hampshire who has been awarded this certification.

Jay told us, “Aside from knowing the laws, anyone who wants to be successful in debt collections needs two skills: first, the ability to work with people–debtors, opposing counsel, court staff, etc.; second the ability to apply a solid dose of common sense and business judgment to the day-to-day job of running a successful office and to effectively representing creditors in debt collection cases.”

When we asked what he enjoys most about his job, Jay said, “Years ago, the best part of the job was going to Court. Lately, my partners cover that part, and I try to stay in the office and troubleshoot the processes that keep things going. Regardless of whether I am working on the office computers and processes or trying to resolve a difficult case, problem solving is what I like most about my job. The other aspect that I enjoy most is teaching. Through the New Hampshire Bar Association, I have been presenting a debtor/creditor seminar to newly-admitted lawyers since 1978. I continue to do this twice each year.”

One thing Jay thinks creditors need to know that is unique to practicing in his state is, “New Hampshire is a small state. In general, our judges are not sophisticated in commercial matters. So, any creditor looking to bring a complicated claim here needs to realize that we need to keep it simple and straightforward.” In the paper he tells us, “As of this writing, the New Hampshire Court System is in a state of flux and crisis. First, like many other states, there is a funding problem, resulting in longer than normal docket delays. Second, the entire Court System is in the process of converting to an e-filing system. Third, several of the Superior Courts are under an experimental project to convert from the prior common law pleadings to a system closer to that of the Federal rules.”

Jay Niederman

Jay Niederman

Jay serves as the de facto Legislative Chairperson for a local group of New Hampshire Creditors’ Rights Attorneys to monitor pending legislation affecting debt collection. “In the past several years, I have devoted a substantial amount of time to trying to limit or defeat Bills that would have an adverse effect upon the interests of creditors, particularly in the field of consumer collections. This has included preparation of detailed position papers, coordinating efforts with lobbyists and various interest groups and testifying before the New Hampshire Legislature.” Jay is a member of the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA), previously serving as treasurer of their New England Regional Members Association, and a member of the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA).

Outside of work, Jay’s firm has sponsored numerous local sports teams. They adopt a needy family every year at Christmas. “I also support various charitable programs through my local synagogue. One of my partners donates a substantial amount of his time to helping low income immigrants when they have legal needs. Another attorney in the office donates his time to serving the needs of his church and church members.” When he’s not working, Jay enjoys playing the harp and the classical guitar “for myself and my grandkids only! Please don’t expect any public concerts.”

Jay has been married to his wife, Susan, for 43 years. They have a daughter and a son who are both attorneys, and five grandchildren.

The National List thanks Jay for submitting this paper and for telling us something about himself and his firm. You can access the paper at