Mogo, one of Canada’s largest online short-term lenders, recently deployed ICEware’s Cloud-based Enterprise Collection Portal to drive its collection processes.

Mogo not only had their own demanding requirements for ICEware, but Canada also has many local and regional based debtor contact requirements that must be followed by all collection agencies and short-term or payday lenders.

ICEware was customized to meet the demands of Mogo’s many departments. ICEware created custom reports, dynamic import and export capabilities and real time XML schemas. This was implemented for Mogo’s first party recovery efforts, third party collections and third party outsource agency management. One of the keys to ICEware’s success with Mogo was seamlessly integrating the ICEware portal with Mogo‘s loan origination software, which eliminated daily updating between systems saving Mogo time and money.

According to Gabriel Soo, Manager of Payment services at Mogo, “By implementing ICEware with our payment services department, we now have all of our accounts in one centralized database. This helped eliminate version control issues and polling requirements associated with disparate database systems. Through the ICEware systems custom note bleeding and updating module, we have improved collections efficiency by about 50%.  As a result of these efficiencies and the reduction and elimination of many labor intensive and paper based processes, Mogo has improved overall collection dollars by about 20%.”

According to ICEware’s President and COO Marc Campisi, “Mogo is the perfect client for ICEware.  Mogo is the sophisticated client and ICEware excels at meeting the demands of the sophisticated client. What sets ICEware apart is that it is the only software on the market that allows complete customization with minimum cost through our module library. The Module library means you can make ICEware work anyway you want.”

ICEware Integrated Collection Engine is the software of choice for the sophisticated agency.  Sophisticated high end boutique agencies have demanding clients; these clients require customization way beyond what any out of the box solution can deliver. With ICEware you can now have every single paper and manual process automated.  ICEware’s dedicated, customer focused team can be reached at 866.927.0806

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