Castel Communications, LLC today announced the release of Castel CallPoint™, a  manual dial solution built on a dedicated platform.

“Agents select a phone number by pressing a button or physically dialing the number by hand”, says Paul Pardo, Castel CallPoint™ Product Manager. “The agent selects the number to call and Castel CallPoint™ completes full verification against local, state and federal rules before clearing the call for agent to take action. Because the solution hasn’t the ability to call in any other mode other than manual, it provides a heightened level of assurance that their business is calling with strict compliance adherence.”

Castel CallPoint™ is available with digital voice recording, voice and speech analysis and real-time business intelligence center.

Castel CallPoint’s™ features include:

  • Tracking agent productivity (talk time, wrap time)

  • Prioritize inbound calls (blended agents with skills based routing)

  • Coordinated transfer of voice and data

  • Monitor/Coach/Conference

  • Reporting

  • Most conservative time zone and area code verification

To schedule a LIVE online demonstration of Castel CallPoint™, please call 800.657.8215.

About Castel: Founded in 1982, Castel designs call center software, services and solutions engineered for businesses. Castel listens, learns, plans and partners with companies to define and realize their future. For more information, news and perspectives from Castel, please visit Castel Newsroom at

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