We’ll ease into today’s Daily Digest. Make sure you stretch. Watch your breathing. Did you keep that fitness resolution? It’s all about the now, and other things vaguely heard on episodes of Oprah I’ve sort of half-watched over the holiday break. I love your light.

So — we made it. Kind of. We screeched to a halt before careening over the fiscal cliff and now the economy is SAVED and everything is FINE and what’s that? I’m being told that… really? Oh.

Over on Forbes.com, contributor Bruce Japsen believes “a flood of frustrated physicians are likely to abandon [Medicare],” what with the shenanigans and goings-on about the aforementioned fiscal cliff. (I sure hope we NEVER stop saying that particular phrase for the rest of our LIVES.)

This is irrespective of a “Senate-passed fiscal cliff bill [that] would block for one year a scheduled 27 percent cut in reimbursements for Medicare physicians,” according to a story on RollCall.com. “The bill (HR 8) would keep reimbursement rates steady through Dec. 31, 2013 — providing one more in a series of short-term patches for the Medicare physician payments.”

Other headlines around the Internet today:

  • “Tick-tock, Clarice…”: The clock starts ticking in earnest for companies to figure out what they’re going to do about employee healthcare benefits. I’m linking you to a BusinessJournal.com site, and they’re going to send you to the Wall Street Journal, but you’ll need to be a subscriber to get the full story. (And I’m not. I have Strong Feelings about the Wall Street Journal that I’d be willing to share at the drop of an email.)
  • Great News for Guys Named Tom Monaghan!: For the time being, he (via his company Domino’s Farm) doesn’t have to provide contraception as part of his healthcare package to his lady employees. Even if those ladies use, say, birth control pills for things other than controlling births because as we all know very well, no one is better informed about women’s health issues than old guys who run pizza places that deliver in 30 minutes or less. As Monaghan believes: contraception isn’t health care but a “gravely immoral” practice. Mazel tov, Tom!

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