Ranjan Dharmaraja

Ranjan Dharmaraja

Every technology company talks about being the best. They use terms like state-of-the-art, but do they really incorporate modern technology such as responsive design mobile applications into their collection software?

Mobile computing has not only arrived, but in just a few short years has now matured to the point that tablet and smartphone sales are beginning to outpace PC’s and laptops.  Yet, many software vendors have not kept up with the pace of these advances and still deliver software with consumer debtor facing tools that are cumbersome and inefficient when viewed from mobile devices and tablets.

Consumers today, not only expect responsive mobile design from applications they are required to interact with, they demand it!  And if they are forced to endure a less than efficient responsive design, they abandon the site quickly.

In Responsive Mobile Web Design, the web pages the consumer interacts with are dynamic, and therefore are resized to display in the most optimal way based on the size of the screen resolution detected by the website.  In this way, a website visitor using an iPad will see a different presentation of the information on screen as opposed to a visitor viewing the site from an Android smartphone.  Graphics get resized automatically, page navigation lay out in an easy to navigate manner and even the buttons or links displayed can be presented in a way that is most efficient for the consumer.  In any case, each visitor will be presented the web page in a way that is optimized for the specific device the visitor is using to access the website.

So why is this so important when it comes to collection software tools?  An efficient, easy to navigate user interface that allows consumers to quickly pay an account using their smart phone, tablet or personal computer will greatly increase the likelihood that consumer will pay using the ubiquitous mobile channel as opposed to waiting to access a hard wired computer in order to make a payment.

Here are some additional things you will also need to consider when evaluating debtor facing, responsive mobile design payment tools:

  • Is the application intuitive?
  • Is it fast and easy to use?
  • Is the application secure from end to end?

Quantrax-mobile-appsToday’s computing and application development environment is as much or more about look and feel of the user interface as it is about the underlying technology and system design. The application must look professional, be intuitive to the user and efficient to use.  The application must project technical proficiency and modernization. At right are two samples of the mobile payment application delivered through the Receivables Management Expert from Quantrax Collection Software.

Quantrax’s solution is a single responsive application. It is a single product that works with a computer, tablet or smart phone. There is nothing a user has to download. All they need is a browser on their smartphone or tablet device in order to access the application in a secure manner. It was designed to allow consumers to enter a transaction data quickly and easily and efficiently make a payment on their account.

The important aspects of this solution are:

  • It is an easy and efficient way for a consumer to make a payment
  • It works with PC’s and all mobile devices
  • It requires no proprietary software
  • The process is secure
  • It provides collectors with additional collection tools
  • It provides consumer with additional payment options

Quantrax has designed responsive mobile payment solution that offers you a powerful, simple and modern mobile payment application that will enhance your ability to service your clients. Debt Collection is not about one good process or strategy. It is all about a series of initiatives working together. Some processes will work with certain consumers, while others will succeed under different conditions. With the decline in the traditional PC market (predicted to decline 7.6% this year), consumer preferences are changing, and higher adoption rates in mobile computing channels will continue to be the trend.  Plan now to ensure you can deliver these preferred payment channels with your collection software system.

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