The American National Recovery Group, a tried and true debt collection agency in Connecticut, will be used to collect on unpaid and back taxes in Wilton and Redding, CT. The oldest of these bills dates back 15 years; the youngest, a mere two.

Jane Berendsen-Hill, Tax Collector, told the Ridgefield Press that American National is a “proven agency.” It has been used in Wilton for the past two years, and is employed by many other towns in Connecticut. In that time, neither Wilton nor Redding has had one complaint about the agency.

The American National Recovery Group is four years old, although its president, George Candella, has been in the collection business since 1987. Mr. Candella prides himself on his agency’s good reputation. “We often have people saying to tax agencies how nice we are to deal with,” he said. “We have a simple philosophy: If you beat people up, they don’t pay.”

This “light touch” approach appears to be paying off. In the two years that Mr. Candella has been employed by the Wilton tax collector, he has collected close to $100,000.

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