John Rossman

John Rossman

While YouTube and Twitter appeal to the masses, the popularity of podcasts (also known as audio blogs) continues to grow as business people seek timely information about specific industries that can be absorbed while multi-tasking.  If you are resistant to listening to podcasts, citing concerns that they are too time-consuming or difficult to access, I invite you to read on and try one of the podcast listening methods discussed below to hear what everyone is discussing.

Since 2011, my law partner Mike Poncin and I have hosted a monthly podcast series called The Debt Collection Drill.  Each episode of our podcast is short (about 10 minutes in length) and focuses on legal issues impacting the debt collection industry. While we know we could increase our listenership exponentially if we talked about Angelina Jolie or Justin Bieber, our sole goal is to educate the debt industry.

Based upon discussions with listeners and clients, I compiled a list of the three top ways to listen to our podcast:

  1. Listen to a podcast on your computer speakers while sorting through emails.  Keep in mind that you don’t need an iPod to listen to a podcast, since most people listen on a computer.  The most common way to listen to a podcast is to click on the link to start the   podcast playing on the computer’s internal speaker, minimize the podcast screen and listen while sorting through the dozens of emails we all receive daily.  Using this technique, the normally mostly wasted time spent deleting unimportant emails and opting out of email spam becomes productive and informative.

  1. Enjoy a podcast on your mobile device while commuting. Despite the promise of a more-connected society with greater free time and flexibility, almost all business people spend a portion of each work day commuting. Listening to a podcast on a mobile device while commuting is the perfect means for increasing the productivity of your commute (of course, be safe, undistracted and keep your hands free if you are driving).  Most podcasts, including The Debt Collection Drill, are available for free on iTunes and can be downloaded automatically to a mobile device.

  1. Listen to a podcast while eating lunch at your desk. This is my preferred method for catching up on podcasts (the image of attorneys enjoying long, leisurely lunches at posh restaurants is patently false). I start the podcast playing on my computer speakers and eat lunch while sorting through the other debt industry reading material on my desk.

If you don’t already listen to podcasts, are you ready to give it a try?  Below are links to three recent episodes of The Debt Collection Drill and also a link to download episodes for free from iTunes.

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