How much of junior United States Senator (and unofficial Poland Springs spokesman) Marco Rubio’s rebuttal to President Obama’s state of the union address was on the money with regards to healthcare?

That’s a bit of a gotcha question, isn’t it? It depends on how you feel about President Obama going into the State of the Union, and the after-party that was the Republican response. We’re not so much a nation of thinkers, it appears, as we’re a nation of “What he said!”-ers.

Still, George Zornick at feels that Marco Rubio’s response presented an inaccurate picture of the Affordable Care Act. (Zornick actually calls Rubio’s response “lies.”) His most damning point: “[Rubio's] case here is that Obamacare is hurting middle-class Americans—but then he specifically describes companies who would cut workers’ hours so they aren’t entitled to health insurance.”

For a nuanced alternative, here’s draft-dodger Ted Nugent.

Wednesday’s headlines:

  • Sorry About Ruining Your Life. And Business: “Dr. Leonard Morse was pursued by Elliot Spitzer because Morse was one of the top Medicaid billers in the state, his suit claimed. The dentist ended up losing his practice and credibility in the field, and the verdict garnered $1.6 million more than expected.”